This is why you should start newsletter & marketing material to your customers

E-mail marketing is a flexible, cost-effective and creative form to communicate with their customers. It is cheap and easy to test a lot with many different measurement tools and we can constantly improve their performance.

The ability to test different messages, target groups, titles, offer, campaigns and direct feedback on what works best. It also gives you a unique opportunity to compile leads after a marketing campaign. Customers who open your newsletter has probably found your offer have been interesting, all these different activities can certainly follow up. Tex every recipient clicked links, how many times it has öppant mail etc. It can mean that you can sort of potential customers for this campaign.

This is why you should start newsletter & marketing material to your customers - targeted-email-marketing-1024x536

Therefore we create templates for your e-mail marketing needs, all our templates are mobile customize for best performance. If you do not know, can you rough estimate that about: 60-80% of recipients as read mail via their smartphone. This is a major factor in the time and work to improve its conversion via e-mail marketing.

Keep your customers up to date with a newsletter of your business latest products & services

It is equally important to keep their customers happy after you have completed the work, it is suddenly a partner. It is said that it costs five times more to acquire new customers than to work with our existing customers. The aim must be to work with customer care to inform customers about new products or services they offer, campaigns for only past customers etc. This is the most flexible solution via newsletter with any form of e-mail marketing tool, create a stylish template to send to their customers.


Order your email template directly here. We customize your template according to your company profile and wishes, subsequently adjusted to the desired email marketing tool you use.

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