Why do I need to consider SEO on your website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the part that may appear to be the most difficult, but all we know is a must have to be able to conduct a business online. There is a whole range of points to watch and there is always more to learn. That is why we have developed a SEO Starter-kit, covers basic organic SEO points as well as help to register your website at them major search engines.

It is about making sure that Google and other search engines) manage to index your website and understand what each page is about and its relevance to the visitor.

Points that we go through on your website

We look over your home page, go through all your pages as well as make sure that we get those keywords that are relevant to your business. To ensure that the creation of relevant content is important in order to be able to get good ranking in search engines.

In many cases it must be tested, therefore has the tools to be able to analyze this and come up with a strategy.

Includes the following:

  • Create a sitemap file to generate the automatic all your content for search engines.
  • Connected to the Google Search console and Bing webmaster tools. This tool is search engine own, you will easily review how sökmotererna reads your Website.
  • Review of your existing pages already published, and an SEO tool installed in your Worpdress website that you can simply continue to work with the SEO.


Order your SEO START-KIT directly here.
Do not miss the visitors because you do not have an enrollment among them large sökmotorna.
See that all your websites are registered and keeps well structured and regular communication with search engine index tools. You will discover the chopper/malware that can damage your website.