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At the pure styling” which is to say that we only change the existing style templates on your website, we can do this on various CMS example WordPress, Drupal, Joomla to name a few. Also e-commerce platforms Tictail, TexTalk, Magento, Shopify or other similar where you can easily add custom style templates to the platform. CSS or style templates is what creates the layout/design for your website, it what makes the layout design for mobile custom responsive websites.

Need to change your design on current Wordpress website? - a-b-testing

A/B testing flow – test different variantions, find the one that converts the highest.

Have your tried to us A/B testing on your ecommerce?

Everyone that wants to improve ther website, has need of implementing A/B testing. Try new ideas, directly on your website without major web development needed. Many ecommercers don’t always have in-house IT/web development resources. Therefore all new ideas maybe never goes into trial or testing just due to lack of resources. But by using A/B testing one can with minor content start building new/modifications on pages, to test new ideas to increase ones convert rate. After testing you can come to the conclusion to invest on develop the tested idea or new modifications on website.

Why should one work with A/B testing?

To test different converting improvements for ecommercers, that they believe will increase their converting rate. Even confirm how well they actually know their customers or target group. One big plus with using these types of A/B testing tools, is variations on less converting pages and find out how to improve them.

Tools we work with clients:

  • Omniconvert
  • Hotjar