The role of the web administrator you are responsible for the maintenance, operation and updating of your website. You also leads current development projects for the site and have contact with the relevant suppliers.

We are also a technical support and trainers for your website, this allows your web administrator your first web support when it comes to your website. Certain can contact their web hosting, but help them you with only server-related questions or if your services with them. No support when it comes to your WordPress website through the web site. They would support you for pretty high fees, you can count on expensive time fees from approximately above 1 000 SEK/h.

Daily tasks a Web administrator performans in your WordPress webiste

  • Managing WordPress CMS updates, plugins and tests in a secure testing environment. Before something goes to the production server.
  • Review your web hosting, email addresses, FTP server, database admin.
  • Keep backup the entire website and monitors security intrusion on your homepage.
  • Employment in your home page tex fix menus, delegrera user roles, making improvements to existing functionalities.
  • Your all-in-all web administrator for your webiste needs.

The role is central to maintain your homepage regularly, simply of necessary activities that must be done on your web. You have the time to work with your main tasks and allows web administrator takes care of the rest.

Webbadministratör 1 199 SEK*

(Included three(3) hours per month, price 499 SEK/h*)

Included the above points, we can also customize this service for your website and needs. Please contact us directly for faster response or via the chat.

We charge SEK 499* per hour outside the conclusion Consulting & working hours under service agreements. (Support hours that are included with the selected web package for the existing functions only and not possible to accumulate.)

When in need of more consultancy & working hours than what is included, a skräddasydd service agreement be developed according to the customer request. The invoice is charged in advance per invoice for three (3) or 6 (6) calendar months, that is to say that it is paying for the coming period in advance. A mutual period of notice of 3 calendar months. Denunciation shall be made in writing.

*All prices exclude VAT