As the Web Editor is responsible for building and entertainment of your WordPress website with relevant material, work with you to create campaign pages, stylish layout for your content. Also help you to read web traffic, set concrete call-to-action to increase your conversion on your website.

Many times is the most that you have an idea but unsure of how you can view this on the web. With a Web Editor if you have any spinning ideas for your website, you can easily start write texts/collection of images or other media. Then Web Editor looking to adapt the content to maximize your score and where the way up measurable goals for your campaign online.


  • Create or receive editorial material, analyze, edit and publish texts/video/images.
  • Support you in content-related issues surrounding the publication on your WordPress website.
  • Training co-workers in how to publish/edit your current WordPress website.
  • Participate and contribute in the communication projects for upcoming releases.
  • Update the start page and the other central parts of your website.
  • Follow up search and web statistics and works with continuous improvements around SEO and content improvement.

The role is essential when it comes to content mangement, because we drop the workflow when it is necessary to fix and trix. Usually appear at equal distances from each other needs to work on its content even after inserting text and media. You have the time to work with your main tasks and leave web editor looking to customize your content.

Web Editor 799 SEK*

(Included three(3) hours per month, ordinary price SEK 349/hr)
Included the above points, we can also customize this service for your website,

Please contact us directly for faster response or on the chat.

We charge SEK 349* per hour outside the including consulting & working hours under service agreements. Support hours included with selected web package for the existing functions only and not possible to accumulate.)

When in need of more consultancy & working hours than what is included, a customize service agreement be developed according to the customer request. The invoice is charged in advance per invoice for three(3) or six(6) calendar months, that is to say that it is paying for the coming period in advance. A mutual period of notice of 3 calendar months. Denunciation shall be made in writing.

*All prices excl VAT