Our Methodology - process-on-the-web-lucymedia-hemsida-wordpress

Our methodology – process-on-the-Web Lucy Media website-wordpress

When we meet new customers is something we put a lot of emphasis on, is to identify the customer’s current status. The information that we capture helps us to more easily focus on the customer request, needs and ideas and get a better idea of the business operates.

Experience has led that we adapted and developed our working method, below you can see how we work at different stages with our customers. We always strives to create long-term customer relations and always come up with new ideas to develop our customers business.

Many times it is asking if not know where the boundaries are when it comes to building sites to customers, also benefit to build in open source CMS to WordPress.




Main advantage is that we do not need to always create ”wheel” again, there is a huge community within the WordPress that have created and maintain most of the standard features that we use every day on the web. It will be of benefit to our customers by up and running more quickly with new features, easily scalable structure and it will be much more fun to work with their website.


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The word agil means agile has its basis from the English word agility. You might have heard of agility is a dog port where the dog comes through an obstacle course, together with its owner/math. This we come to, the interaction between the different crafts uppmutrar and justify the Duponts to achieve a common goal. And it is not so far from agil web development as is believed. Agilt working method is about the ability to adapt quickly to change.

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Agil web development, adapting to changing requirements during the project life cycle. When we talk about agilt approach usually also talk about words as incremental and iterative. Difficult words I can think of something that is very clear. The incremental means to develop small parts to adding the final product throughout the process. Iteratively means that you work in cycles to improve such as a function by prototype test, analysis and improvement in so many cycles required for this function to be as good as the client.

The advantage of a agilt approach i think is primarily that it is open to changing requirements over the course of development. So often gives the feasibility study not have all the answers and you can get on the improvements during the course of which makes the product better, which had been missed with a traditional waterfall methodology in which everything is specified at the beginning of the project.


We will be stordel make use of a web tool called Dropbox Paper, it is a agilt working platform where we will have all the material and to be able to

Participate with feedback and inputs in a project web page. All material actions we are setting in the start-up cycle and the project will be easily found in the same place. No more email spam by dozens of emails, where we can easily lose us of what has been determined or said from both parties.