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LUCYMEDIA working with consulting and Web tasks within the CMS like WordPress & Drupal.

Strives to always working agilt with customers and partners, the tools to be able to quickly and easily customize the us during the life cycle of your project.

We are a pricing model on fixed productions and lower on our web package, we want to work in the long term relationships with our customers.

Always offers support hours within our abonnemanger and three (3) months after delivery Support/Warranty period when we complete the projects.



The name Lucy deriving from the Latin word ”Lux”, which means ”light”.

As you will have noticed, we work with Web Design and in its most basic form a set of small bright dots. Which together form the forms of the image you see on the screen.


And the MEDIA?

Because the media is precisely the material or tool which we use when we create Web Design. Like an artist who create with their tools something extraordinary.

The full name was LUCYMEDIA.

By and large, we have a dedicated team of web developers, designers, marketers and promoters’. We specialize in combining our knowledge, to come up with the most suitable solution for our customers. Will be happy to help you get started and integrate your existing website with different types of viral marketing tool, also make your website more mobile (responsive). Often we remind our customers to approximately: 60-80% of site visitors via mobile devices.



Our aim is always be customer-oriented with all our mission, we want to make the effort to find your specific needs for your business.

It requires indicates the arrangements for producing Web Design that is to be implemented into your website that will reflect your business online on the web. Of course to all of our customers to undergo teaching them how to manage their new website. We hold the connector after launches and makes the clutches, for being able to deliver support or other services which the customer would need to run your business online.

Read more about our different Web Package or other services that we offer both companies and associations.


You are always welcome to contact us.